Multimodal cargo transportation


Multimodal transportation is the delivery of goods to the right place using various types of transport: ships, tractors, trains, aeroplanes. Carrying out the transportation of this type, the cargo is entrusted to one transport operator, which, given the circumstances, selects the route and method of delivery.

Multimodal transport is most suitable for delivering cargo over medium and long distances. This method of transportation can deliver goods to anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Multimodal Transport

Less worries - you trust the cargo to us, and we deliver it where necessary, reloading the cargo from one vehicle to another. One operator is responsible for everything, who takes care of all the necessary documents and cargo insurance.

Faster and cheaper - when planning a cargo route, we evaluate many factors: type of cargo, delivery location, urgency and advantages of each vehicle, as well as disadvantages to make the best combination.

UAB Railana Multimodal has extensive experience in multimodal transportation, and we work only with reliable partners both in Lithuania and abroad.

We guarantee:
  • Using the acquired optimal logistic scheme, we will promptly provide the exact price of door-to-door cargo delivery;
  • We deliver the goods in the shortest possible time;
  • Draw up all the necessary documents and permits;
  • Load, unload, and if necessary, and pack the goods;
  • We ensure the cargo, both the whole way and its individual segments;
  • We will advise on the issues of transport logistics and customs clearance;
  • We will transport cargo in the port;
  • Prepare containers for use or offer to purchase them;
  • We will provide other necessary services.

Coordinated transportation of goods depends on the clear work of all transport participants. We organize multimodal transportation, we have accumulated many years of experience and have established close ties with the right feedback.

Therefore, we have no experience in this area.

JSC Railana Multimodal is coordinated and professional transportation.